KDD Series

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KDD Series


Double inlet low pressure centrifugal direct drive fans fitted with forward curved impellers with sizes 7 to 15 inches and capacities up to 10000m³/h.
Static pressure up to 450 Pa.
It can be incorporated either in air conditioning equipment and air handling units or within cabinet or centrifugal air heaters.
They can also be mou
Constructed in galvanised electro welded sheet.

The KDD series is fitted with induction asynchronous motors with squirrel cage rotor in die cast aluminium according to IEC
34-1. The motor is directly mounted to the fan casing.
- 230V 50Hz single-phase with permanent capacitor or 220/380V 50Hz three-phase.
- IP 10
- class B
- thermal overload protection in the windings

The forward curved impellers are manufactured in galvanised sheet steel and dynamically balanced in accordance with ISO



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