HV Series

Exhaust Fan Agricultural and Industrial 




The Hi-volume Belt Drive fan unit is specifically designed to ventilate larger buildings, by moving substantial amounts of air at low pressure with minimal energy consumption.
Available in two sizes, 1000mm and 1250mm diameter, each with three phase motors and the option of louvres and guards.

Constructed from galvanised steel with a specially designed stainless steel propeller, these fans are extremely hard wearing and robust in application. The drive mechanism comprises of a sealed for life maintenance free ball bearings, which means low noise and vibration levels. Units are supplied fully assembled complete with a standard safety guard on suction side and counter balanced air operated louvre shutter on outlet.

The motors are to be foot mounted totally enclosed metric type to Ip55, with sealed for life bearings and class F insulation, suitable for operating temperatures up to 50°C. Motors are constructed with finned aluminium casing to provide excellent heat dissipation resulting in a flexible and durable motor.

Propeller blades are fixed pitch. The six blades are attached to a mild steel powder coated hub. The complete assembled propeller unit is balanced to grade G6.3.


Technical Data


Move the Motor

1. Open the wire mesh
2. Loose the nut. The photo 1,2, & 3
3. Take away the belt, the photo 4 & 5
4. Move the motor into right position, the photo 6
5. And then tighten the nut
6. Re-install the belt. the photo 4 & 5 (note: take away and re-install the belt are the same operation)
7. Check the belt again. If the belt is still loose, please take a new one for replacement.
8. Finished and then install the wire mesh.


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