CFP Series

Axial Flow Fans
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CFP Series


All fans include a one piece bellmouth mounting plate. The motor and fan impeller are supported within this mounting plate by a strong electro welded steel support frame. All models also include a steel finger proof guard, ISO 13582, as standard mounted to the inlet side of the fan as well as condensation drain holes.
There are 8 standard sizes from 250 to 630mm, all fully speed controllable and can operate up to 95% humidity.
The fans produce air volume flow rates of up to 4,2m³/s and can handle static pressure up to 200Pa.

All CFP plate mounted Sickle Blade Axial fans incorporate asynchronous induction type motors with squirrel cage external rotors.
Sealed for life ball bearings can be operated at any angle.
The motors are protected to IP54 with Class F insulation, suitable for operating temperatures up to 55°C with thermal overload protection on the single phase.
Two, four and six pole motors are available.


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